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LK SA-MP Servers

LKteam run popular SA-MP server Owned by [LK]Lewis & Manager by LK Stuff members , LK servers haves a respectful and helpful admin team online all the time!


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LK Services

LK Team provides you many services such as IRC BNCs, VIP levels on LK servers, for more information join our IRC server.

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Server Manager & Opers

Server Manager

  1. vans

Server Opers

  1. vans
  2. |LK|Lewis

IRC Services

LKteam BNC

LKteamBNC, a free BNC service with integrity for IRC users. Our goal is to always be the electro with our service, placing our emphasis on support and reliability for our users, with quick response times on requests, reports, and any issue affecting our users. Please note: We only use customized ZNC software, we do not offer psyBNC or sBNC.

About LKteam

Since opening in September 2012 by [LK]Lewis, at LK Team we have always kept our services as professional as possible. We hire only the best admins to monitor one of our three servers we are running on SA-MP. Each of our servers have their own individual forum where out players may communicate with the admins, managers and owners at LK. - By Evolution